Atlas Wind x Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) Steel Pipes Carriage Project

Since 2016 until now, M/V Atlas Wind (and M/V Atlas Force, until 2017), have successfully completed more than 60 voyages of carrying around 50,000 mts of pipes for Corinth Pipeworks Group (CPW).

Corinth Pipeworks Group  is a world leading manufacturer of steel pipes and hollow sections to the energy and construction industries. It represents the holding company's Viohalco S.A. steel pipe segment. Their factory/plant and port facility, where loading operations take place, is located in Thisvi, Greece.

This on-going project cargo carriage, in which our vessels are involved dynamically, started with the transportation of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which included 270,000 mts of large 48'' diameter pipes, for a total length of approximately 878 km, 495 of which runs accross Greece. It continued with the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) Pipeline of 187 km and 32'' diameter of steel pipes, and goes on with the under construction Leviathan and Zohr Pipelines.

During these years of cooperation with CPW, our company has gained profound expertise in loading, handling and carriage of steel pipes. This started off with detailed and careful planning of operations from both our shore/sea teams, and was then carried out with much success. It is an honour for our company to be part of this greater project that will benefit many people and countries.